KUALA LUMPUR, MARCH 2021 - New season of the biggest PUBG MOBILE tournament, PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE, held by Tencent Games, organized by VSPN, is now back with more excitement featuring professional teams with a refresh lineup. PUBG MOBILE community and fans have set their sights on the established teams including Team Secret, Yoodo Gank, Team SMG, Resurgence (RSG), Dingoz MPX and EVOS VIP. 

Team Secret, a massive organization in the PUBG MOBILE scene with a long list of merits behind them. Ever since the inception of the first PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG franchise back in 2009, they have established themselves in the scene as the people's Champions through the display of skills, critical thinking and consistency. Team Secret took the world by storm as they stood toe-to-toe in the finals against the best of the best around the globe in the PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP Season 0. It is undeniably the highest prestige a team could have ever wished for in competitive PUBG MOBILE to-date.

Yoodo Gank, second only to the world-class Team Secret, they are definitely a force not to be trifled with. Their journey has been one with constant rivalry, finishing in the top two (2) spots back-to-back for both the "Spring Split" and "Fall Split" from last year's PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG, a consistent performance is definitely the name of their game. The team's roster has since then shifted tremendously, with a number of their players (iShotz, Fredo, Jumper) making the move into Team Secret and leaving ManParang left to rebuild, solidifying yet again the rivalry between these two giants. Yoodo Gank is coming in strong with fresh faces in the scene to prove that they have what it takes to be a Championship-material team despite any challenges or unforeseen circumstances that may come their way in the new season.

A true diamond in the rough, Team SMG is owned by pop star celebrity, JJ Lin. A team with all the ingredients for success in the new season. Built around the Champions from Season 1 League as their core foundation and having swapped only one member, all that is left for the team is to look for that winning formula to take their competitive edge to the next level. Having an impressive track records with a Championship finish in season 1 of the PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG and a top three finish in Season 2, Team SMG is a formidable team not to be slept on as they come prepared and have sharpened their fangs to take on the PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG Season 3.

Geek Fam, a team who is not afraid to go all in and they are going in big for the new season. Notoriously known for their high value recruits, they have a war chest unlike any other and are gearing up their arsenal for the PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG Season 3. Picking up four new talented members into the roster namely Qb, Sane, Miracle and Snipes last year, they have been working to put themselves together to create a Championship caliber team. Geek Fam may not have the medal of honours besides a 4th place finish in last year's PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG Grand Finals Season 2, but Season 3 could very well be the start of a very successful era for the Geeks.

Dingoz MPX under an alias name of Team X has taken Malaysian PUBG MOBILE fans by surprise after dominating a regional friendly tournament, competing in training match with other pro teams such as Team Secret and Bigetron Red Aliens last year. This has put the team in the spotlight as a team to keep an eye out for the upcoming PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG Season 3. In the previous seasons under AXIS NRL MPX, the team has brought pride to its fans by securing top 5 in the PMPL MY/SG Season 2. Dingoz MPX has an important mission in carrying out its predecessor role by, if not, keeping themselves within the top ranks but snatching the Champion title in the upcoming season. 

EVOS VIP, a new yet oddly familiar team name among the PUBG MOBILE fans is an extended mobile gaming team from multi-gaming organization, EVOS Esports. Since its debut in the PUBG Mobile Pro League in 2020, EVOS VIP continues to grind its way through multiple tournaments and showcase its tenacity in aiming for the top. Players to lookout for are Yakuza and Hyqul who previously reigned from Victorious In Play and Luxxy98 from N.E.D Brotherhood, who all are well-known as veterans within the PUBG MOBILE community since the early days.  EVOS VIP has yet to make a big impact in major tournaments, however, no team should take lightly its thirst and hunger for the Championship title.

If having an extensive competitive experience was all that's needed to make a Champion, then Resurgence (RSG) has one of the best chances at the Championship title having dynamic members in the scene that have fought in countless battlefields. With a strong stable lineup featuring  SmallBoY1, VokeyOP and ChillReX with new additions of BadMaN who switched from PUBG PC and Kim who have prior experience from TRX Elementus. Resurgence has previously achieved  top 9 and 8 in the PMPL 2020 MYSG Finals Season 1 and Season 2 respectively, growing and retaining much of its fan's loyalty and support. 

Moving into the next chapter of team ranking prediction, all eyes on Team Secret, coming in with a new roster featuring Fredo and Jumper. The team is anticipated to bring more excitement to the PUBG MOBILE fans with its main roster who are among top 10 fraggers from last season, new coach and analyst that will no doubt provide new gameplay and strategies for the new season. Fans are still rooting for them to claim another Champion finish in the PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG Season 3.

Always on the tail of the current Champion - Yoodo Gank is constantly looking for an opening to topple the champ from their pedestal and fans are looking forward to their upcoming performance with new team dynamics and strategies. Although statistically, their consistent top two (2) finishes in last season's PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG Season 1 and 2 makes a 2nd place more probable as presumed by fans. 

Team SMG, sporting a roster filled with champions from  PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG Season 1 makes them hard to be ignored. Fans have witnessed great consistency in their performance throughout their competitive careers and being young players to begin with, they can only improve and get better. Ending PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG Season 2 on a high note by securing 4th placing, fans and community are anticipating the team to take on the likes of Team Secret and Yoodo Gank in the upcoming season.

Fans' all-time favourite, Geek Fam has got their sights set on the crown as well and structured a brand new talented roster to claim a Championship finish. The fans still have Geek Fam's back to gun for top finishing even with a roster that holds the least experience in the competitive scene but possibly still within a top five (5) finish with its good old strong and experienced leadership from DamRUDE.

The underdog or dark horse, call them whichever you want but Dingoz MPX are definitely a team under the spotlight in the upcoming  PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG Season 3 with their surprising gameplay and strong firepower. With a new roster featuring IronPro who was previously from RSG will increase the chances at getting a taste of the Championship title. That being said, fans are looking positively at Dingoz MPX having great potential under potential roster and that alone might just be enough to secure their spot in the top 4 position, if not Champion.

The new season will be held fully online starting from 24 March to 23 May 2021 and the live stream will be available at the official PUBG MOBILE Malaysia Official Facebook and YouTube.  Engaging activities such as Influencer Showmatch, SEA Ladies Battle Tournament and Regional Cross Tournament throughout the season.

PMPL MY/SG SEASON 3 is fully supported by Xiaomi as the official Smartphone Sponsor and WeTV as the official Media Partner. 

Xiaomi, a Fortune Global 500 company, is currently the world’s third-largest smartphone brand and has established the world's largest consumer IoT platform with presence in more than 90 countries around the world.

Hosting premium live stream rights, WeTV is an international video streaming website owned by Tencent which was launched in 2018 and currently has more than 90 million subscribers across Southeast Asia. 

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